Sell Your Home For $495
Homeside Realty is the most efficient way to get your home listed on the Multiple Listing Service and all
major online real estate sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia , Remax, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and dozens of others.
When you team up with Homeside Realty, you will bypass a listing agent that would cost you 5-6% commission.  Homeside leverages thousands of local buyer agents to help you sell your home fast and for top dollar.  This allows you to take control of your home listing and save thousands over a traditional listing broker.
Sell Your Home For $495
You Get All This!            
You Decide The Options!
  • Pay ZERO Commission to Listing Agent
  •  You Decide the Buyer Agent Fee 2 - 3%
  •  6 Month MLS Listing with 6 Photos
  •  Listed on Local REALTOR®MLS
  •  Listed on Realtor.com
  •  Listed on Zillow, Trulia, Homes.Com, Realtytrac
    and Many More
  •  Syndicate to Hundreds of Sites Including Realty Sites Including Remax.com, KW.Com, Coldwellbanker.com, Century21.com and Many More
  •  Weekly Website Syndication Report
  •  Buyer Call Forwarding Direct to Your Phone
  •  CSS - Centralized Showing Service
    Buyer Agent Appointment 
    Call Center
  •  Buyer Agent Feedback Surveys
  •  Property Info Sheet PDF
  • FREE Home Selling Video Coaching Library:
    Pricing Your Home, Preparing Your Home For Sale, How to Show Your Home, Negotiations, The Home Inspection, Contracts, The Appraisal, Mortgage & Title Process, Final Walk-Through, Closing and More!
  •  FREE Home Selling Resources & Reports:
    27 Valuable Tips You Should Know To Get Your Home Sold Fast for Top Dollar, How to Sell a House That Didn't Sell, How to Get the Price You Want, 11 Home Inspection Traps & Many More!
  •  Optional ($100.00) Showcase Up to 20 Photos On MLS, Realtor.Com, Zillow, Trulia Etc.

  •  Optional ($59.00) Add or Replace Photos and Unlimited Online Changes After Initial MLS Upload

  •  Optional ($100.00) Unlimited Seller Open Houses & Open House Sign Rider  

  •  Optional ($150.00) Lease Our Professional Realtor® Lawn Sign & Post

  •  Optional ($30.00) Combination Key Lock Box for Buyer Agent Access When You're Unavailable to Show or Have a Vacant Home. (Free Shipping)

  •  Optional ($199.00) Professional In Home Photography

  •  Optional ($70.00): HOME EVALUATION REPORT: 
    RVM (Realtor Valuation Model) Which Is Comprehensive Data, Powerful Analytics, And Client-Friendly Reports Powered By NAR (National Association Of Realtors) And MLSLI (Multiple Listing Service Of Long Island).  This Report Can Be Up to 75 Pages in Length.  Allow 24 Hours

  •  Optional ($99.00) 3 Month Listing Extension
  •  Optional ($149.00) 6 Month Listing Extension
  •  Optional ($199.00) 12 Month Listing Extension
  •  Optional Full Broker Support 
    (1% Of The Gross Sales Price to Listing Broker)
Example Savings Chart
The “Example Savings Chart” below shows your potential savings 
if a Real Estate agent brings a buyer that purchases your home.
*this is an example for illustrative purposes only, real estate commissions are negotiable
And remember, if you find a buyer yourself you pay 
Sell Fast for Top Dollar
Selling your home with Homeside Realty is the smart way to sell your home that saves you thousands of dollars.  By listing your home for a low flat fee, you will save thousands of dollars over a traditional top agent and your home will be placed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and all major online real estate sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia , Remax, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and dozens of others.   Homeside also leverages thousands of local buyer agents to help you sell your home fast for top dollar.  This allows you to take control of your home listing and save thousands over a traditional listing agent.  We will even show you how to sell your home on your own without a buyer agent so you can save even more!   You will gain access to our library of short videos that give you tips on what to do and more importantly what not to do to sell your home on your own fast for top dollar. 
It’s that easy! 
FAQ'S: Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
...if you have more questions, email us or click on our live chat icon below
How does a Flat Fee Listing work?
A Flat Fee Listing on the REALTOR®MLS is the exact same thing as listing with a REALTOR® that charges 6%.  You pay a lot less money with us.  We are a Licensed Real Estate Broker, our President, Frank Profeta has over 26 years Full Time Real Estate Experience.  You can sell your home on your own directly to a buyer to save a buyer agent commission and we will show you how.  However, if a buyer agent brings a buyer, that agent will be paid a commission.  Which is usually 2-3%, you decide upfront.
How long does it take for my home to get listed?
Once we receive fully signed and completed docs with photos, your home will be listed on the REALTOR®MLS within 24-48 hours.
How long before the REALTOR® For Sale Sign is installed?
If you have selected the Professional Realtor® Lawn Sign & Post, installation is approximately 72 hours
What is your success rate?
100%.  Our clients sell 100% of the time when they take our advice.
Your home will not sell if you do not price it correctly and are frequently unavailable to show it.
Do buyer agents know how much commission we are offering?
The buyer agent commission is listed in the MLS and is typically 2.0-3.0%, you decide.
Is the Flat Fee all we pay upfront to list?
    Do we owe anything at closing?
You only pay a $495 Flat Fee up front. 
If there is a buyer agent then you would pay the buyer agent fee. 
At closing you pay a nominal $195 administrative fee.
Does everyone list their property with a flat fee?
Many sellers do and save thousands of dollars.  With technology advancing rapidly this trend is catching on quickly.  This is by far the best way to sell a property and save thousands of dollars.
How can I schedule an Open House?
If you have selected the Unlimited Open House Option, just email our office and it will be scheduled in the MLS within 24 hours.
Will my phone number be on MLS?
How do Potential Buyers contact me?
The lawn sign will have a property specific extension on our phone system, this will forward buyer calls directly to you. 
How will I get offers?
Offers will be sent to your email.
How long have you been in business?
Frank Profeta, the President of Homeside Realty has over 26 years of full time real estate experience.  Homeside Realty has been in business since 1995.
What are your business hours?
Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Our appointment center is open 24/7 via phone, internet or mobile application for buyer agents to make appointments to show your home.
Email support is also available.
Can I cancel and list with another agent?
Yes, you may cancel anytime unless your home is under contract and there are ongoing negotiations.
Who handles the paperwork?
The buyer agent handles the paperwork.
Your attorney will handle the contract of sale.
Will buyer agents be reluctant to show my property listed like this?
No.  They do not know how much you paid us and it is not published in the MLS. Buyer agents are only concerned with how much they will make selling your home.
How do I change my list price or any other information?
Just email us to change your list price.
For any other changes you will need to select this Unlimited Changes Option.  All changes will be made within 24 hours.
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